The Best Internet Marketing Training Products for Network Marketers!

The products are what makes Superhero Marketing School different from so many business opportunities.  Most business opportunities fall into 1 of 2 categories:

Physical products (think: vitamins, exotic drinks, cleaning supplies)

Information products (think: ebooks, software and high quality video courses)

Now, of the 2 categories, information products are by far the fastest growing segment.  People are hungry for information products. But so far, most business opportunities have been selling a large series of PLR (private label rights) information products and software that are of dubious quality.

The problem is simple.  People buy them, and they stay on their hard drive collecting digital dust.  Most of these have been outsourced to the lowest bidder in faraway places like India.  They are outdated, padded with poorly written English, and in many case, just far too basic.

Superhero Marketing School has…

  • NO PLR
  • NO Recycled Ebooks
  • NO Outdated/not working software
  • YES 100% Original video content created by elite marketers Andrew Murray & Marie Torres, who have been #1 enrollers in MULTIPLE network marketing companies.

You’ve probably seen businesses like these. There are tons of them: and you probably know the names of the companies I’m referring to.  The problem selling this type of business, is nobody ends up using the product.  And I predict that only the companies with strong, proprietary information products will be successful.  Nobody wants to buy these type of copy-cat products.

So what makes Superhero Marketing School so different?

Listen to this unedited, unsolicited testimonial from one of our students:

Superhero Marketing School was professional created by marketers who are already making a seven figure income in the home business industry.

Plus we use scientifically proven, adaptive learning techniques that help you master the material with quizzes and other interactive features that are so often missing from information products.  (Nobody else is doing this!)

Marketers like you demand high-quality information products.  When you look around, there are tons of companies selling resale right type stuff, and a mere handful of business opportunities who actually have proprietary information product with high quality.

The businesses that will be around in 2-3 years will be the ones with high-quality information products that provide value. That means you have a tremendous advantage if you enroll in Superhero Marketing School – and you can expect much higher conversions – partly because of the actual content of the products, but also because of the low price. This business is accessible by ANY marketer.

I will go toe-to-toe with anybody who thinks they have a better information product at this price level – because you know what? It’s just like the boogeyman. It doesn’t exist!

Our passion – is to finally give high quality, actionable information about how to REALLY build a business – into the hands of Networkers who have the desire to learn internet marketing.

Here’s the honest truth: Any marketer who is active in this industry can turn Superhero Marketing School into a positive cash income stream.  It’s easy to sell because it’s what people want to learn!  And don’t forget: You can implement all of these modules to build your primary business faster and make more money.

Module 1: Designing Your Lead Funnel Process.

Designing Your Lead Funnel: This is the core of your business. And so many people get this part wrong! You don’t just throw up a lead capture page without a plan. And without a systematic followup. I show you how to design a killer lead generation funnel in this first Module.In fact, if this is the only module you implemented, you could reasonably expect an increase of 10k to your bottom line this year! A properly designed and implemented lead funnel is the foundation for your entire business. And the art of developing a lead generation funnel that draws in prospects like a high-powered magnet is essential to your success. Study the top marketers. They have a very specific lead generation funnel. This module shows you how to create one for yourself!  55 minutes

Module 2: Keyword Domination

Keyword Domination: Nearly every form of online marketer depends on keywords.

You need to know which are the best ones to go after – different depending on your tactics: ie free or PPC.

I can predict who will be successful and who will fail based on their keywords. We demystify keywords, show you exactly what to do – and go one step further…we do it all from a Network Marketing perspective.

Learn what free tools we use personally.Learn how to spot opportunities in keywords, and specific numbers that you can use to evaluate good and bad keywords.  29 minutes

Module 3: SEO Made Easy

Search Engine Optimization: Learn how to capitalize on ultra-targeted free traffic from search engines.Imagine you had website positioned higher than corporate sites? Can it be done? Yes, absolutely, I’ve done it! In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to get tons of highly targeted traffic for free.
We show you step-by-step how to dominate and get multiple listings in Google, Yahoo and MSN.  44 Minutes

Module 4: Pay-Per-Click For Network Marketers

Pay-Per-Click: Teach you how to do PPC like a Network Marketer.You don’t necessarily use the same tactics that are designed for affiliate marketing. You actually have a lot more flexibility in how you market if you’re marketing in yourself and selling a home business on the back end. Very lucrative if done the right way.
In fact, by mastering both the Content Network and Search Network, you can literally explode your traffic overnight.For years, we’ve had people join our company just so they could learn our secret PPC methodology. We hold nothing back! Want to really understand how to generate leads and make money generating them? This module is for you!  57 minutes

Module 5: Video Marketing Secrets

Video Marketing is easy, free, and very powerful. in fact, it’s the quickest way to build solid, loyal support from your prospects. But most people do it wrong. This module shows you how to do it right, so you look great. But we also teach you HOW to get traffic from your videos…so you have lots of eyeballs on your videos.YouTube is the #3 most visited website according to Alexa, and yet only controls 40% of the market share for videos. You could become an Alpha Networker simply by using this as your ONLY marketing method. After all, if you don’t get leads, signups, sales, and business leaders from video marketing, what’s the point?   39 minutes

Module 6: Article Marketing De-Mystified

Article Marketing: Article marketing has long been a simple, uncomplicated and 100% free way to generate tons of cash in affiliate marketing. But in this module, we break down how you can modify this method to dominate your MLM opportunity.You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can get hundreds of articles working for you 24-7 without even lifting up a pen!I’ll even show you my secret low-cost method for getting high quality articles written for you by US-based writers! This is a steady way of generating sales on a daily basis. Learn it, and you can enjoy the work from home lifestyle without the pressures of a job.  ife the lifestyle.   35 minutes

Module 7: Marketing with Press Releases & Special Reports

PR & Reports:How to use press releases to generate high quality leads, and to get multiple listings on the search engines. Find out why press releases cut through marketing hype, and get leads.

We have press releases on the 1st page of Google for some very competitive keywords, and often our very best leads come directly from our free Press Releases.

This method is simple, but highly effective for Network Marketers.  Plus learn our method of using special reports to gain an unfair advantage over every other marketer.   18 minutes

Module 8: How to Make Social Media Generate Leads

Social Media Marketing — Everyone knows by now they need a twitter account and a facebook account.

Those are the 2 big social media monsters that you need to use. However, most marketers are guessing on how to use them.

In this module, we unlock our unique strategy that actually generates high quality leads from twitter and facebook. And we show you how to quickly build a targeted twitter list and facebook list in less time and using less effort than anywhere else.

Finally, a simple Social Media blueprint that actually produces leads!   42 minutes

Module 9: Advanced Link Building

Advanced Link Building:This entire module is on how to dominate the SEO marketing game and deeply focused on how to get inbound links to your blogs, YouTube videos, Squidoo Lenses and lead capture pages.

We’re giving you our elite system (that you can outsource like us) so we can literally dominate on nearly any keyword we choose.

This is extremely powerful, especially if you want to target keywords that are several dollars per click in Adwords. We’ll show you step-by-step how to dominate with our link-building module.

We almost didn’t include this module, because it really gives us an unfair advantage, but we broke down the 14 specific strategies we use to get links, and dominate any keyword we choose.   60 minutes

Superhero Marketing School produces the most advanced, easy-to-follow video training course specifically for Network Marketers. We’re in the information age now, where the quality of your information determines the quality of your life. You NEED to learn these techniques if you want to make a full-time income in Network Marketing.

If you want to dominate your network marketing business AND create a second passive income stream today…

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