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From the desk of: Andrew Murray

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Andrew Murray and Marie Torres
Founders of MLMZing

Hey MLMZing Member,

You’re probably at a pivotal point in your online career.  Some will make it and some won’t.

What I’m about to tell you here could be the difference.

So it’s important you read this welcome letter carefully.

I’m looking forward to teaching you the most effective marketing techniques inside the MLMZing Training Vault. I’m going to teach you the exact same techniques I’ve personally used to transform myself from a MLM-sucker approaching my extended family…to a whiz-kid internet marketing star.

And by simply following our training course, you can set yourself on the same path to financial freedom.

Now this page is something different.

It’s all about accomplishing more, while working less.

But first, meet Mitch.  Mitch was struggling when I took him under my wing, and just last week he was the #2 affiliate in a huge launch and paid for his ENTIRE UNIVERSITY TUITION during a little launch.

You see, one of the things I found out is that time is the ultimate commodity. What good is a six-figure income if you spend 90+ hours a week and spend no time with your family?

That’s why I became obsessed with productivity.

Yes, literally obsessed. Because one you’re making lots of money, you realize that the thing you really want is time. And peace of mind: so that when you’re spending time with your wife or your kids, you’re totally 100% present, and not worried about work and money related issues!

You may have heard of a book called the Four Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferriss. Yeah, it’s one of my favorites. (Yup, you read that right, 4 hours per WEEK!)

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If you haven’t read this book, you should!

The basic premise is that because of the new opportunities on the internet, and technology, and information, you can actually earn more and work less.

Cool eh?

I remember I bought this book for my wife’s birthday on a whim. I walked home with it, up the narrow downtown street where we were living, and up the steps of the renovated Victorian home we were living in at the time. She burned right through it. Mesmerized! It changed something that day for us.

The 4 Hour Work Week is something I’ve embraced.

Ferriss describes in the book a concept called the “New Rich.” Which hinges around what he calls the “Lifestyle Design.” After all, money without the time and ability to enjoy it will not make you happy.

It’s about having your cake and eating it too.

So since is one of the things I’ve studied as carefully as I learned marketing. And I want to share my findings with you if you want to accomplish more.

Now, time management can help you even in your personal life. I guarantee that you won’t be the same.

But this isn’t really just about time management. It’s about doing less, accomplishing more, having a virtual assistant. And, of course, outsourcing the stress from your life.

Would You Like To Eliminate Stress?

Really think about it for a second. How would you like to eliminate negative stress from your life almost entirely?

If you’ve set up your business the WRONG way, you have stress. If you have too many calls to make, too many prospects to follow up with: you have negative stress.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

And I want to give you secret that has enables me to EARN more while spending LESS time doing it. It’s the best of both worlds.

I couldn’t imagine doing business without my growing team of wonderful virtual assistants. And it’s so much easier than you might think!

Discover How To Overcome Resistance

Resistance is when you choose easy tasks over productive, money-making ones. I’ll be explaining my system for overcoming resistance once-and-for-all and what to do about it.

I’ll give you the simple keys that nobody ever told you before.

How much could you get done if you never wasted time? And imagine how you’d feel if you never worried about work-stuff when you were engaging in playtime: from cocktails, to gourmet lunches, to 3-day weekend getaways, to rolling on the floor playing soccer with with kids. (I love doing that!)

(Did you see my 47 second Superbowl video?)

Whatever turns you on…


Learn How To Build Your Business While You Sleep

I’m even going to explain how I have a dedicated team of workers who work on my business even when I’m sleeping! It sounds like a fairy tale, and sometimes I even have to pinch myself.

My life is so filled with joy, energy, money, time.

I feel like I’ve got a golden goose laying golden eggs at home for me everyday. And I want to show you exactly how to get your own golden goose.

But enough with the sales pitch. Either you want to learn it or you don’t.

Now keep in mind, this is going to build on what you learn in the Super Hero Marketing School Training Vault. This builds on what you’ll learn there, and it’s arguably just as important if not more so. And this is your ONLY opportunity to get it.

Are you ready to kick your MLM career into going full-time?

You have one opportunity as a new member of Super Hero Marketing School to learn these advanced tactics.


So here’s what you get in these
extra modules:

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My complete video training course “Productivity For Network Marketers: How I accomplish more in less time.”

This is the core portion of this add-on course. It’s detailed, specific, and unlike anything I’ve seen for sale anywhere else. I’ll be sharing how to do this as an entrepreneur – so no fluffy feel-good stuff about about goal-setting.

This is advanced knowledge that I really don’t want to sell to anyone other than people who have that tingly feeling right now in their gut – that they know they need this.

In fact, this is the longest single training I’ve ever done. It’s over an hour-and-a-half long. And it’s all content.

bonus burst green 001 Advanced Module UpgradeSuperheroMarketingSchool mcard lifted 3D11 Advanced Module Upgrade

And as a bonus, I’m also giving you my brand-new updated for 2012 version of “The Entrepreneur’s Blackbook” that contains the top 50 resources – all of them freethat you NEED as a network marketer using the internet to build your business.

There are actually a few more than 50…but who’s counting among friends and compatriots.

This is the stuff most people never realize is out there right in front of them!

Most of it is for business owners. Productivity tools, billing tools, firefox addons, and more. Just the essential stuff you need to run a real Network Marketing business like a real Network Marketing business owner.

Remember, this is all about “You Inc.”

Now, because this is an advanced product that goes deep into a topic that (let’s be honest here) not very many people know very much about, I could charge a few thousand dollars for it.

If fact, if I still wanted to be a public speaker, (which I don’t!) I could turn this single Productivity Module into a 2-and-a-half-day workshop and sell tickets to it for $5 grand!

But, I’ve got a feisty little 4-year old toddler at home and I don’t really want to do that. (Remember, soccer is more important smile Advanced Module Upgrade.)

Extra Bonus:

SuperheroMarketingSchool mcard lifted 3D12 Advanced Module Upgrade

As an extra bonus, I’m going to give you my complete course, “How To Get Rich” which is the culmination of my obsession with how the wealthy think about money and business. It’s an 82 minute video training that has only ever been offered as a bonus to a high ticket item that I no longer sell.

This course goes deep into HOW the wealthy actually think about money.


But, and here’s the but…


Now, let me be frank. This course doesn’t have anything to do with marketing. (OK, well the Entrepreneur Blackbook does have some marketing resources that are not mentioned in the main flagship course, which makes it invaluable in it’s own right) But, this is cool add-on to make you happier, more balanced, and earn more money in less time.

I think this is the most exciting product out there in the entire marketplace.

And it’s only available through this link below. Right now…

It’s only $97.order arrows Advanced Module Upgrade

Secure Order Form:

Just imagine, what it would be like to be able to accomplish more AND be happier?

If that appeals to you, I just want you to say maybe.

That’s right. Give it a try and you have a complete 60-day money back guarantee.

Go thru the entire course. And only keep it if you LOVE it.

Yup, that’s right.

So what do you have to lose?

You’re moments away from discovering the most effective marketing techniques for network marketers on the planet…and if you choose to add this to your order, you’ll be able to at least DOUBLE your results in 1/2 of the time.

My best,

img3 Advanced Module Upgrade

Andrew Murray (and Jack!)
Founder of

PS – I know how to make people successful.  This is your chance to join my elite group of students.


Is Your Success Worth More Than $97?

PPS – Whatever you decide, as a member of SuperHeroMarketingSchool, you will also earn commissions on every member you refer who takes advantage of this offer also!  If you want access to these modules without paying, simply refer 5 sales via our affiliate program and submit a helpdesk ticket to let us know.

Take the fast-track like Mitch…

Or Stay where you are.  It’s your decision…

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