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The World’s Simplest Compensation Plan

Superhero Marketing School blends the 2 most sought after benefits of business compensation plans (direct sales front-end income and passive, residual income) to give you the most powerful system to earn money.

Unbelievably simple and yet so effective, when you join Superhero Marketing School you get a great commission up front with an option to get 90% commissions on ALL sales:


  • NO qualifying sales
  • NO pass-up sales
  • Earn 50% commission on all sales
  • Earn 90% on all sales as a MLMZing partner
  • Powerful residual income plan

Here’s How It Works:

(And remember, this product is exactly what every single serious network marketer is looking to buy right now!)

Superhero Marketing School‘s original price was set at $1200.
But the final price was set at $497.

UPDATE: We are running a web-only special for ONLY $197!

–> $177 – Your commission every time you make a sale (based on 90% commission option).
–> $98.50– You make this single every time a person you bring into the business if you remain at the 50% commission option.

You get paid your commissions every month.  So you get your money quick!
Simple.  Easy.  Highly lucrative!

Here’s a diagram of how it works:

You earn $177 for everybody your personally refer to Superhero Marketing School!

You get the high commissions from direct sales, plus the leveraged income of network marketing. It’s super simple, but brilliant.

Specific Income Scenarios:

Let’s examine a few scenarios.

Let’s say you make 3 sales per week.

  • 3 sales X $177 = $531/week
  • 27.6K per year!

Not bad at all especially if this is your number 2 business and this is all your own effort but remember there is built in leverage and residual income in the Superhero Marketing School compensation plan.

Here’s Another Scenario:

What if you’re only promoting Superhero Marketing School part-time, focusing on another opportunity BUT putting prospects who didn’t join your main opportunity on the Superhero Marketing School sales webinar.

If you only make 1 sale per week:

$709 dollars a month extra (as your secondary opportunity!) but after awhile you eventually bring in 50 people also.

Anyone can do 1 sale per week and that is conservative if you are actually actively recruiting for another business – why?

Because everyone needs and wants marketing – marketing is the answer to making money and just by promoting Superhero Marketing School on the back end you can be making a lot of money!

*That’s completely passive! And that’s on efforts of just 10 other people. Don’t forget to add in your personal sales, and your other residual income from people doing less than 5 sales per week and the potential in this simple compensation plan literally blows the mind!

Remember, no quota, no activity requirements, you get paid every month.  No questions asked.

Other plans are extremely confusing.  Instead of talking about basepoint values, PV, powerlines, qualifying sales, bonus pools, binary legs, and other crazy MLM-talk that makes your head spin – we just talk in straight dollars.

Our software tracks how many sales you make, and how many sales your signups make which means you know exactly how much money you make.

This is by far the easiest way to make a large amount of money.

Why is Superhero Marketing School catching so much buzz?

Because it’s easy to market, affordable for anyone, and the product makes complete sense since it teaches you (and anyone else in network marketing) the marketing skills you need to succeed in ANY network marketing opportunity!

With no barriers to entry, a low price point, a high commission – you can finally make money right away and earn a steady residual income.
Register MLMZing NowWho is this ideal for?

  • People you connect with via Web2.0 (Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin/MySpace etc)
  • Prospects who turn down your primary opportunity
  • Anybody and everybody who Reverse Markets you (This is huge as you can actually leverage from their reverse marketing efforts with our unique permanent override commission!  And this is exactly the kind of product reverse marketers love to sell!)
  • Prospects in your autoresponder sequence (This is the easiest way to generate residual sales!)
  • You can even throw our automated webinar in to your autoresponder to turn Superhero Marketing School into a passive cash cow!
  • Network Marketing contacts you’ve already made
  • Leads you’ll generate by using the training we provide!

C’mon, what are you waiting for?  This is the perfect product to sell to anybody in Network Marketing, and now is the perfect time to lock down your residual commissions for life!

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