How To Generate Leads For Your MLM Business
Using Internet Marketing

(But Made So Easy Anyone Can Actually Do It!)

As an industry veteran (yes, I have been in this industry almost 10 years now and started in my very early twenties) I can still feel the pain of what it’s like trying to build a business without effective marketing.

I started with zero marketing skills, zero phone skills and absolutely no idea how to find the right people who would join a network marketing business.

This problem just gets worse with people giving you out-dated information like approaching friends and family, making lists of contacts or bumping into strangers while grocery shopping. The old way is frustrating, tension-building, and entirely unduplicatable. Have you spent tons of money on leads and marketing scams that didn’t work? Do you know where to turn?

Here’s a recent screenshot – from just after midnight where I show you how many leads I generated in less than 24 hours:

lead generation

And did you know how much I spent on that?  Nothing!  These strategies will have you generating 50-250 leads per day if you just go through the content and apply them to your primary business!

If you try to figure it out yourself, you’ll quickly find that everything you read online contradicts what you read last week. Most of it is written by people who are not even making a few thousand dollars a year! What do you do?

Here’s the Solution…

You’re wondering if this really works, right?

Marie and I went from making $14/month to making a high of $78,910 in one single month all because we learned how to market effectively. Granted it took us several years to do (it has a very steep learning curve) but we did it and it paid off.

Like Peter Drucker said, “The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous,” meaning if you’ve got strong internet marketing, the marketing will do the selling for you people will be calling you with credit card in hand wanting to join!

Watch this video on the difference between marketing and selling – and why it’s CRUCIAL to your success in your network marketing opportunity:

But here’s the other problem, I’m sure you’re running into. There is just simply TOO MUCH INFORMATION and you have no idea where to start, how to piece it together. Basically you have no idea how to integrate what you read into a system that is actually churning out money for you.

The good news is, this is exactly the problem that Superhero Marketing School solves.

If it seems like you have bought almost everything under the sun to get yourself a working plan for what to do, Superhero Marketing School gives you the exact marketing blueprint to get it done.

I know there are really popular programs out there right now but they still have the same issue too much information lack of real integration, they teach you what works in theory.

Here’s what we solve:

  • No more guesswork…
  • Just exact step by step outlines never ask yourself, “what now?” the blueprint tells you the exact next step you need to take.
  • Checklists to make sure you’ve covered everything
  • Never buy crappy leads again from an un-reputable lead broker
  • Plus, a very easy way to make extra money while promoting your primary MLM…
  • Generate real MLM leads using simple internet marketing blueprints

And it works for REAL people:


For every sale you make, we pay out up to 90%.   That’s a huge income stream you can add to your current opportunity!

Easy. Simple. It just works.

But all together very powerful

and deadly effective!

Imagine, being able to get as many leads as you want from different marketing avenues.

Look not everyone fits into the same box.

Social media is really *HOT* right now but are you doing it in a way that generates real leads for you?  You need several (at least 2) marketing avenues to be generating high-quality leads for you at the same time, and we teach you OVER 9 different methods that have over-performed for us.  To see what we cover in our training, check out our products page.

Watch The Webinar

So let me keep this really simple. Watch the webinar now and see why so many MLMers have enrolled in  Superhero Marketing Schooland are now starting to see money line their pockets.

Check out some real live users who rave about the content in SUPER HERO MARKETING SCHOOL

And in as little as 24 hours, you can be creating, marketing campaigns that pull in your dream prospects and have MLM business that is finally turning a profit!

This is finally a real plan for your success that will work for you even if you’re a complete newbie!


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